Billie Blanchard
Hi there and welcome to my world!
My name is Billie and the furry one in the photos is my faithful sidekick Dolly Daydream. ​
I am the one making all the animations, doing all the voices, the soundtracks and everything in-between. Dolly is usually the kittyzilla trying to destroy it all. We make an excellent team ;)​
I am 25 years old. A full time carer for my mother, animating any chance I get. I myself have terrible health problems including severe anaphylaxis so everything I do I have to safely do from home.
After qualifying as a photographer in 2017 I found a love for stop motion animation. Along with a passion for my lego collecting the two merged together and I just love bringing bricks to life for entertainment.  I am currently studying traditional animation & art as well as 3d animation and VFX. Although I doubt I will personally ever stop learning and studying the art of animation I do hope to fill this website with animation shorts and movies soon, hopefully by 2020. 
I invite you to come with me, to step into my world and come on my journey of bringing the every day to life!